Complete engineering and structural design solutions

Canopies, Skylight & Dome
Our array of light transmitting sophisticated fenestrations elevates the aesthetics of our projects.
Our premium range of façades in metal and glazing set a fashionable tone to our projects.
3D Sculptures
We build unique three dimensional structures which add to the splendor of our client’s buildings.
Our intricate and unique mashrabiyas form part of our specialism which contribute to be one of the finest decorative elements of the Arabian architecture.
Our finest collection of durable balustrades in stainless steel, aluminum and glass offer excellent fall protection and elevate the attractiveness of our projects.
Our selection of wall and column claddings offer adequate thermal insulation and weather resistance along with enhancing the creative aesthetics.
Our premium range of spiral and helical staircases define our contributions to contemporary architecture. They are safe, space efficient and trendy.
Customized Ceiling
Our selection of customized ceilings add the right blend of modern architecture to our client’s buildings.
Check out our finest Glazing and Shower Enclosure Series